Automotrice Prestige

Monovis 12m3, 13m3, 14m3
Duo, 16m3,  20m3, 22m3

La gamme de mélangeuses automotrices Prestige Kverneland Siloking a été développée, pour répondre aux besoins des éleveurs ayant des exploitations de toutes tailles et à la recherche d’économie et d’efficacité : une machine et une personne pour le chargement, le transport, le mélange et la distribution. L’optimisation de votre temps!

Les Avantages

  • 12-13-14 m3 mono-vis
  • 16-20-22 m3 double vis
  • conception unique, ayant obtenue des prix lors des salons internationaux
  • maniabilité et compacité extrême
  • cabine très confortable
  • entrainement hydrostatique
  • différentes possibilités de déchargement.

Caractéristiques techniques:

  Capacité Longueur Largeur Hauteur
Prestige 12 12m³ 7.16m 2.55m 2.56m
Prestige 13 13m³ 7.16m 2.55m 2.65m
Prestige 14 14m³ 7.50m 2.55m 2.96m
Prestige 16 16m³ 7.90m 2.55m 2.66m
Prestige 20 20m³ 8.75m 2.55m 2.96m
Prestige 22 22m³ 8.75m 2.55m 3.14m

Single Turbo Auger

  • Turbo Auger is fitted with hard-edged scraping strips (St 70) and multiple adjustable hard-coated XS knives, ensuring ultimate durability of this component.
  • The scraping strip of the auger has a flat design to reduce power requirement. The flat strip is able to lift concentrates from the bottom of the machine so it is possible to add concentrates from the beginning of the mixing process.
  • The 20mm bottom plate (25mm on model Premium 16) from high quality (St 52) steel, together with the heavy-duty edged hopper  ensure a perfect interaction between Turbo Auger and hopper.
  • Equipped with an additional wing at 180° to the auger leading edge, the Turbo Auger ensure a rapid and thorough mixing action.
  • For longer durability Siloking Kverneland has developed SILONOX lining as an option for the mixing augers and hopper walls, where most wearing occurs.

The Milling Head

  • The 2m wide milling head is designed to manage the flow of feed material as fast and as gently as possible.
  • The tungsten carbid knives are specially shaped to collect feed as efficiently as possible.
  • Each knife has a proven long life– but is also reversible to extend the life even further.
  • Immediately behind the knives are specially designed shovels, which gently move the feed to the centre of the milling head and onto the loading conveyer, transporting the feed into the mixing chamber

Comfort Cabin

  • The carefully designed controls are all within easy reach of the comfortable suspended seat.
  • The multifunction joystick provides most of the controls for loading and discharge.
  • The cabin position and the extended windscreen ensure a clear view of the loading process – the milling head is clearly visible from the highest to the lowest position.
  • Heated mirrors, good air circulation inside the cabin and large wipers help to maintain maximum visibility from the cabin – even when the difference in temperature inside and out is significant.
  • Cabin heater re-circulates the air from the bottom – ensures clear windscreen (and warm feet!)
  • The suspended seat also makes even the longer daily tasks pleasant and comfortable.


  • The Prestige range of self-propelled mixers feature a unique three -point chassis – the steering rear wheel ensuring the machine turns about the front axle.
  • This is an ideal solution in small buildings and farms with limited space or access.
  • Rear wheel steering offers the smallest possible turning circle, plus the ultimate control of machine position during loading and discharge. This is particularly important to ensure that feed is discharged in the correct place and to reduce losses during loading.
  • For example – ultimate steering control ensures the machine can be positioned so that the milling head can collect material even from the edge of the silo.
  • This means reduced manual work and reduced material loss.
  • Small silos, low building entrances, low cattle sheds, even narrow feed passages are no problem for the Prestige range of self-propelled feed mixers.

Discharge Options

  • The unique three-point chassis design avoids running over the feed.
  • various discharge options:
    • Simultaneous discharge at either side
    • Foldable discharge conveyor for direct feeding into high throughs
    • Optional discharge door at front.
  • Easily operated from the cab.